Thursday, September 1


President Bush, in an address to the nation yesterday from the White House Rose Garden, informed Americans of the multi-faceted federal response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster. And in that address he said the following:

I want to thank the state of Texas, and particularly Harris County and the city of Houston and officials with the Houston Astrodome, for providing shelter to those citizens who found refuge in the Superdome in Louisiana. Buses are on the way to take those people from New Orleans to Houston.

Citizens of Texas, and of the Houston area in particular, have opened up their hearts to assist our neighbors in the Gulf Coast who have and continue to suffer so much hardship as a result of the Katrina disaster.

I found a link at " to this site and this marvelously comprehensive post on what Houston is doing in the wake of Katrina. I encourage you to read it, both for its specific information and for the well-expressed thoughts of its author.

And, if I may be so bold, I respectfully ask you to consider making a charitable donation to the Catholic Charities' Hurricane Relief Fund."

Thank you so much!