Friday, September 2


Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has just issued a statement (and is presently engaged in a press conference) saying that offers of assistance for the victims of Hurricane Katrina are pouring in from around the world, both from governments and private individuals, enough so that she terms their cumulative impact as "heartening."

I applaud this. I, too, am heartened by it. In the early going, the first 48-72 hours of post-hurricane trauma, it appeared that there was a deafening silence from the international community of nations. News reports of offers of assistance from foreign governments were scant at best. President Bush did not make mention of any calls from heads of state with any offers of aid when he addressed the nation in the White House Rose Garden on his return to Washington from Crawford, Texas. Accordingly, this blogger expressed criticism and outrage.

The winds are shifting now and there's cause to think we haven't been forgotten by many of those who we have helped over the years and in our history as a nation. For that, Americans are grateful; and, for that, you can be sure the victims of this unprecedented devastation in this nation's Gulf Coast region are grateful.

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