Tuesday, September 6


The Anchoress puts up a good post this morning that uses the Gray Lady (nice touch!) to make her point that the Governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Blanco (D), cannot deflect her own culpability for the tardy response to Hurricane Katrina's inundation of New Orleans and the subsequent lawlessness that hampered relief efforts. Fact is, Governor Blanco was in control from the very beginning and was loathe to hand over the reigns to the federal government. Readers must understand that the federal government, and the nation's military in particular, cannot by law usurp the rightful power of the states to use their National Guard resources to police and restore order in an emergency. Blanco wasn't about to hand over that power to the Feds and the people of Louisiana paid a terrible price for that egotistical hegemony.

In turn, the The ACE goes to work on the illusive, culpability-dodging, potty-mouth mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, with a couple of deft posts published yesterday, here and here, although this post of his wraps up best the whole sorry situation in Louisiana's halls of government, just as this post from The Anchoress captures in bold relief the mayor's stunning dereliction in calling for a city-wide evacuation (and only after being encouraged to do so by President Bush), then not using the resources at his disposal to assist those who, owing to age, infirmity, lack of transportation, or stubborness, were unable or unwilling to get out of New Orleans.

FOLLOW-UP: The inimitable Captain ED for emphasis!