Thursday, September 1


My brother just sent me an email telling me that I've been quite wrong in some of my earlier posts this week in saying that there had been no international response from the community of nations, and particularly from our so-called allies, to provide aid and assistance to the Gulf Coast victims of Hurricane Katrina.

He writes:

Hi Bro,

I believe you are wrong about our allies not helping us in our time of trouble. Both the French Assistance Response Team (FART) and the German Reserve Unit for Natural Trauma (GRUNT) have already sprung into action. Our allies have responded to this natural calamity with both FARTS and GRUNTS -- so don't be so harsh on them!

FOLLOW-UP: My brother's sense of humor aside, I just found this story at the Fox News' site that suggests the government of France may lend a hand to the relief effort and, if so, our collective thanks!

FOLLOW-UP II: This story (filed at "") indicates that the government of Germany has expressed a willingness to help now after initial expressions to the contrary, in which one official had blamed President Bush for the Hurricane Katrina disaster.