Tuesday, September 6


Two of my favorite bloggers proffer some sound advice for advance planning should you and your loved ones find yourselves someday facing an emergency or natural disaster. If we must do anything in the context of Hurricane Katrina and its deadly aftermath, it's to learn from this epic calamity and the experiences of thousands of its victims.

Greg at the "Hobbesian Conservative" draws inspiration from a post by Glenn Reynolds to enumerate the essentials needed in what he calls a GTH ("Go To Hell") kit. I would add a #13 to Greg's list -- a plastic pill container with yours and any family members prescription drugs (e.g., a one week supply). The shotgun is a nice touch. Not so laughable given what happened in New Orleans. The first law of the jungle is survival.

Paul at "The Happy Capitalist" walks his readers through "a disaster drill for financial documents" and, in the process, develops a list of items/documents to keep in an "evacuation bag." Pretty sound advice. Hey, and you might want to throw in a dozen copies of a current resume!

Thanks, Guys!

FOLLOW-UP: This can help too!