Thursday, September 8


I'm a Republican, voted for George Bush twice, yet I'm among those critics of the plodding local-state-federal response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster who think Michael Brown's professional competence in directing FEMA's response is clearly questionable. That said, one only has to read this Captain's Quarters post, which republishes a radio interview of Fox News' Major Garret, conducted by Hugh Hewitt, to understand clearly and irrevocably what must be the elemental scandal -- indeed, the most egregious lapse in governmental responsibility -- in the halting relief efforts in post-Katrina New Orleans. The Left can pound President Bush all they want, but the majority of Americans know full well that grievous lapses in judgement by New Orleans' mayor Ray Nagin and Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco were the antecedents of a belated federal emergency response. Imagine, holding the American Red Cross at bay while people suffered without food, water, or basic medical attention!

FOLLOW-UP: Here's a more expansive post on this topic from "The Anchoress" and with lots of links.