Thursday, September 8


The Left Coast strikes again. California's Democratic legislators are on another of their convoluted legislative escapades, this time to grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. The California Assembly passed such a bill yesterday, according to a story by Nancy Vogel in today's "Los Angeles Times." Seems California's screwball Democrats are on yet another mission impossible. First they want gays to have the right to marry and now for illegals to have the right to drive. Somebody tell me why anyone who has broken the law in breeching our country's borders has a right to anything other than deportion back to his or her homeland? But no surprise here, really, in a state that has produced such liberal stalwarts as Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Willie Brown, and Gavin Newsom. Some pantheon, hey?

Just read the various quotes in the story to understand how patently goofy the thinking is of these so-called representatives of the people. I like the one how issuing illegals driver's licenses will ensure that they're driving with automobile insurance. That's a beauty.

So here we go: enter State Senator Gil Cedillo (D-Los Angeles), sponsor of SB 60, stage Left; then enter Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who vetoed a similar bill of Cedillo's last year, stage Right (and damn well better do it again this year, along with killing the gay marriage nonsense). If the governor is true to the mandate the voters gave him in electing him, Cedillo won't last a round. However, if Schwarzenegger goes soft, then the citizens (there are a few left in California's notably "diverse" population) ought to declare a "State of Emergency" when they next go to the voting booth. At some point the Golden State has got to come back down to Earth before it implodes.