Thursday, September 8


You may recall this post of mine back in early August in which I wrote about the Department of Homeland Security (DHS):

A Republican president and a Republican-controlled Congress have not shown fiscal restraint in a time of war and they've set up yet another white elephant, massive bureaucracy in Washington that spends our tax dollars shamelessly and recklessly.

If the Department of Homeland Security and the president were doing their jobs vis-a-vis national security, they'd be securing our country's porous borders. That should be a front-burner requirement and it's not been.

Of course, illegal immigration and our nation's porous borders are front-burner issues on this blog and DHS and the Bush Administration are only belatedly-reluctantly-disingenuously beginning to figure out that Americans are increasingly fed up with 11+ million illegals afoot in our country and with 10,000 more per day breeching our borders with impunity.

Well, that's my principal bone to pick with DHS, but Frank Laughter takes the agency to task for myriad other deficiencies, some seen in bold relief in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, terming the bureaucratic leviathan a dysfunctional glob.