Monday, September 19


I like this post of John Hawkins' of "Right Wing News" and, as is his bent and his virtue, he says what's on his mind and doesn't succumb to political correctness. Not much I can add to a well-thought post other than to say the obvious (althought the obvious doesn't get said enough and certainly not in the MSM). Federal government money earmarked for Katrina relief and the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast is our money -- you and me, the taxpayers. Much as major appropriations bills have been loaded with pork by both sides of the aisle in Congress, the monies already committed to in the wake of Katrina and the kinds of projects John Hawkins' questions just continue more of the same -- reckless spending compounded by lackluster accountability.

Count me among the "conservative voters" who have strong misgivings about the "elephantine rebuilding package for New Orleans."