Tuesday, September 6


Frank Laughter of "Common Sense Junction" slices and dices New Orleans' "Times-Picayune" editors in bringing some common sense and perspective to the political hypocrisy and CYA-mentality rife in Louisiana, as a mayor, a governor, and a big-city newspaper deliver a chorus of criticism to President Bush for what they have conveniently depicted as a negligently slow federal response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster and what they chide as his stubborn refusal to make heads roll at FEMA and other governmental agencies.

I agree with Frank that the Department of Homeland Security certainly hasn't put its best foot forward in the aftermath of Katrina; and both Frank and I in a number of posts published on our respective blogs prior to this epic natural disaster suggested that DHS doesn't even have a best foot. But, fair play is fair play, and there's been more unfair play pouring out of Louisiana's halls of government and certain elements of its mainstream media, than water spewing into the canals from New Orleans' belated pumping operations.

Read Frank. He tells it like it is.

FOLLOW-UP: Point/counterpoint -- read Fox News' John Gibson on this same subject; and, drum roll, please, here is Frank again.