Monday, September 26


"What Attitude Problem?" links to "Flopping Aces" in putting a spotlight on Cindy Sheehan's idiotic, ineptly insensitive statements about Hurricane Rita. That ought to do it for any folks in Texas or Louisiana who harbored any closet-amenability to her Geroge Soros-fueled cause.

Michelle Malkin takes it up a notch with photos and a Baker's Dozen worth of links to what she terms the Sheehanapalooza in Washington D.C. this past Saturday -- a protest of the war in Iraq (and sundry other liberal-chartered agenda items, such as gay rights) that had fewer participants than Crawford, Texas, has goats.

"The Mudville Gazette" provides ample photos, as well, and seals the deal in putting this liberals gone wild exhibition in the perspective it deserves. There's nothing quite so bad as watching misguided adults parading around like elephants in the equivalent of a one-ring circus that drew more flies than war protestors.

FOLLOW-UP: Another voice heard from with regard to Cindy Sheehan's antics, but this time with consequences no doubt unforseen by the intellectually-challenged Ms. Cindy. Laurence Simon is alluding to this CNN report of Sheehan's arrest outside of the White House. Hope they have a padded cell ready for her. George Soros will probably post bail.