Saturday, September 17


My wife put this season's Notre Dame football schedule up on the refrigerator long before the season opener on the road against Pittsburgh. Notre Dame football is a BIG DEAL in this household and that of my two sons. Last weekend Notre Dame upset the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and my wife and I watched the game on ABC -- on a snowy screen courtesy of our half-ass cable provider, Cebridge Connections. Today's game at home in South Bend was a nationally televised game on NBC and it's a game I pointed to all week long with high expectations.

This morning when I arose I started the coffee and then went over, grabbed the remote control, held my breath, and turned on the television in the family room. Hey, there was a picture! Then I flipped channels to NBC and, HEY, there was a picture -- a clear picture -- and audio no less! I breathed a sigh of relief and turned the television off satisfied that Cebridge would deliver the Notre Dame vs. Michigan State football game at 2:30pm CT on NBC. Surely the cable gods wouldn't let me down today.


At about 2:25pm, both of us regaled in our Notre Dame shirts and hats, my wife turned on the television and there was the infamous NO SIGNAL/SNOWY SCREEN that greets us all too often courtesy of good ol' unreliable Cebridge Connections -- the worst service provider I have ever dealt with in my life. It's unthinkable that a company can be run this poorly and without improvement!

Notre Dame lost to MSU in overtime and Monday morning I start shopping for satellite TV.

I'll not abide bad service or inferior products.

Notre Dame with Charlie Weis at the helm will improve. Cebridge Connections, I suspect, will continue to decline. Cebridge likes to talk about "service outages." Cebridge has "management outages" and I'm tired of talking about them.