Saturday, September 10


Paul at "Wizbang" links to a very special column by Chris Rose of the New Orleans' "Times-Picayune" that is a pleasant read (really a breath of fresh air) over a morning cup of coffee amidst all of the political backbiting and second-guessing that have dominated media coverage of the Katrina disaster.

An excerpt:

First of all, we thank you. For your money, your water, your food, your prayers, your boats and buses and the men and women of your National Guards, fire departments, hospitals and everyone else who has come to our rescue.

We're a fiercely proud and independent people, and we don't cotton much to outside interference, but we're not ashamed to accept help when we need it. And right now, we need it.

Just don't get carried away. For instance, once we get around to fishing again, don't try to tell us what kind of lures work best in your waters.

I used to travel a lot on business to New Orleans and Baton Rouge and everything Mr. Rose has written resonated with me. We in the Houston area have been pleased to welcome so many from Louisiana into the Lonestar State and we, too, await the day when many of those chased from their homes by flood waters can return to the state they love so much to rebuild, restore, and reinvigorate a part of the country that is so much fun for the rest of us to visit and whose people are so generous of spirit in sharing their unique culture -- a culture unlike anything you'll find elsewhere in America.

This, too, shall pass ...