Thursday, September 1


This post will be kept at the top of the screen throughout the day. To read additional posts, please scroll down through the site. However, I ask you to PLEASE read this post and to help as much as you are able!


Today has been designated HURRICANE RELIEF BLOG DAY in the blogosphere -- a day in which participating bloggers will devote themselves to encouraging their readers to make a charitable donation to the charity of their choice on behalf of the hapless, homeless victims of Hurricane Katrina, or, if they're unsure to whom to write a check or with whom to designate a contribution online, to use a charitable organization of good standing endorsed and supported by the blogger.

My site -- A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT -- is suggesting that you kindly consider a donation to Catholic Charities and you can do so via this convenient online link. This link designates your contribution to be directed to the Hurricane Relief Fund. If you would prefer, however, to mail in your donation, here is the address:

Send Checks To:

Catholic Charities USA
2005 Hurricane Relief Fund
PO Box 25168
Alexandria, VA 22313-9788

My wife and I made our contribution online this morning. We immediately received a "Thank You" for our contribution from Fr. Larry Snyder, President, Catholic Charities USA. Here are excerpts from that letter that may give you some assurances if you are unfamiliar with this organization:

While local Catholic Charities agencies along the Gulf Coast anticipate that they will be asked to provide some type of emergency assistance in their communities, Catholic Charities niche in disaster relief is to provide long-term recovery work. Based on past disasters, possible long-term services that our agencies may provide include tempoary and permanent housing, direct assistance beyond food and water to get people back into their homes, job placement counseling, and medical and prescription drug assistance.

The priority for the foreseeable future is Katrina but we also realize that during this hurricane season there is a great possibility that another hurricane or tropical storm may strike our coastal areas this year and with your donation we will be prepared to provide assistance.
The letter concludes:

Please join us in our prayers for the victims and families during this difficult time. Thank you again.
As a practical matter, the letter you will receive from Catholic Charities USA after making your personal donation will serve as a receipt for the new IRS tax-deductible gift laws.

I ask you to open up your hearts, and your wallet or purse, and make a decision right now to do something for our fellow Americans who are suffering through devastation and displacement on a scale seldom seen in our country's history when natural disasters have struck.

Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas, a state in which I reside and a state opening up many shelters to serve the victims of Katrina's fury, said it best in an address made yesterday:

We're going to get through this together as one American family.

NOTE TO CONTRIBUTORS: If you'd like, you can click on this link and complete the information (you'll need to scroll down to see the fields) that will record your donation and this blog, as a tally is being posted by "The Bear" by blog and by "The Bear" by charity. I was unaware of this, so, alas, I'm getting this information up mid-afternoon. Such tallies may provide some impetus. Your choice: entirely voluntary, as is your donation! Either way: THANKS FOR VISITING MY SITE!