Wednesday, September 28


I'm putting up this post with its link to John Hawkins' (of "Right Wing News") collection of scintillating Ann Coulter quotes, because just last night my brother and I were talking about her at length over the telephone (and in very favorable terms) and contrasting her quick, razor-sharp wit and ability to articulate conservative principles with the halting, garbled-syntax of the president's wayward efforts at elucidating extemporaneously a compelling point of view. When he speaks off-the-cuff, I wince. My brother, by contrast, just flips the channel. He's at that point now with George Bush.

We're both conservative republicans, although my brother leans a bit more towards libertarianism than maybe I do. But each of us is fast losing confidence in the Republican Party and both of us are thoroughly fed up with the porous borders situation and the incomprehensible contradiction in terms when the president pontificates on fighting terrorism, while hypocritically turning his back on the throngs (10,000/day) of illegal border-crossers entering our country at will in what is tantamount to a wholesale invasion of our country.

Anyway, enjoy Ann Coulter. She gets it RIGHT more than the president ever does. Anymore, I think he's just a democrat in disguise!