Thursday, September 29


This post from The Anchoress is priceless! (She marvels at Peggy Noonan's writing, but I marvel at hers!).

The Anchoress has refused the Republican National Committee a telephone request for donations, because of the soft glove treatment Republican Senators gave Lousiaina's woefully inept democratic governor, Kathleen Blanco. The Anchoress is understandably outraged.

Ironically for me, in separate conversations this week with my brother, one of my two sisters, and my father, each expressed varying degrees of dismay with President Bush, the Republican Party, and House and Senate republicans over their failure to deal with our country's porous borders and an illegal immigration problem that has reached egregious levels.

My wife and I live in Texas. My parents, brother and two sisters live in California. The family sees firsthand what an indifferent president and a do-nothing, GOP-controlled Congress have failed to do vis-a-vis a wholesale invasion of this country by lawbreakers and the resulting effects and implications.

Each, along with me, refuses to provide the GOP with any more contributions until vigorous action is taken and by that we don't mean amnesty.

It would appear that the GOP is finding multi-faceted ways to disappoint its conservative base these days.

Anyway, good for you, Anchoress!