Thursday, September 8


Because I asked, and some would argue prematurely, where our neighbors, Mexico and Canada, and the international community of nations were in providing relief assistance to the Gulf Coast victims of Hurricane Katrina, it is only fitting that I should report what each is in fact doing to help the United States.

Mexico, according to this story in today's edition of the "Houston Chronicle" (registration required), has sent a military convoy carrying "mobile kitchens, water treatment plants, bottled water, blankets and canned food for people displaced by Katrina."

Canada, according to this story published in the "London Free Press," has a naval convoy of "three warships and a coast guard vessel" steaming towards the Gulf Coast with personnel to assist in the relief effort, both in recovering bodies from homes and the receding flood waters, as well as in the rebuilding effort. And this may provide readers with little known insights into the strong links between the Maritime provinces of Canada and the people of Louisiana -- i.e., the story of the Acadians and their expulsion from Canada and the refuge they took in Lousisiana.

We in the United States are grateful.