Sunday, August 28


The United States leads the world in humanitarian assistance and food aid. It is a country which helped to rebuild Europe and Japan after the devastation of World War II. It is a country that pours its treasure into less fortunate nations, secures liberty and freedom for the oppressed, and whose people, and the charitable organizations and churches they've formed, open theirs hearts and their purse-strings to the less fortunate.

I just heard estimates on Fox News that Hurricane Katrina could cause catastrophic damage to the tune of $15 - $30 billion dollars (USD).

On the heels of all that the United States has done in response to the Asian Earthquake and Tsunami disaster, and all it has done throughout its history for needy people throughout the world, the thought occurs to me:

Who will be here to help us after Hurricane Katrina leaves a path of catastrophic devastation throughout the United States' Gulf Coast?