Thursday, August 4


I normally stick to politics, current events, and the handful of social causes important to me in my blogging, but yesterday I felt compelled to post on the subject of poor quality products and bad customer service in America, and to ask what has happened to Total Quality Management, Six Sigma initiatives, and the careworn notion that the customer comes first.

So I was delighted to find this post at "Minivandad72" about this blogger's experience at a bookstore, as he encountered the same sort of reckless disregard for customers that my wife and I have had our full of of late and he, too, had the backbone to voice his outrage both verbally at the store and on his blog. Good for him!

I've sat in my car at the pay window at countless McDonald's restaurants, insisting that I receive a "Thank you!" before moving my car ahead to the next window to receive my order, and pondering how Ray Kroc must be turning over in his grave at the degree to which the Golden Arches have fallen in recent years in terms of fast and efficient service in what used to be clean, pleasant surroundings. Now the parking lots and restrooms rival each other for filthiness and the drive-up window personnel can't remember to put napkins in the bag.

But back to Minivandad's story. Do read it. I've been to the movie and I suspect you have too. And his is a more exacerbated example of a customer being walked all over in that not only were these bookstore employees the veritable dregs (and allowed by management and the store's owner to be so), but they made known their political and philosophical dislike for the books Minivandad was looking to purchase from them. That's just what every customer looks for these days -- to be the object of disdain by the ass-backwards employees of the business with which you're trying to do business.

I'm sure horror stories abound. A "Comment" left on my post describes a similar outrage. Too bad that so many people roll over and remain reluctant to voice their displeasure directly when a product or a service is substandard, or they are treated rudely or indifferently.

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