Wednesday, August 17


Foreign Service writer Ioan Grillo of the "Houston Chronicle" (registration required) reports in this morning's edition poll-based information that "nearly half of all Mexicans would like to live in the United States and that the sentiment seemed as strong among Mexico's college-educated middle class as the poor.

The Washington-based Pew Hispanic Center's director, Roberto Suro, is quoted by Grillo as observing that "even at the high end of the socioeconomic characteristics, we see that the propensity to migrate is quite strong." What Suro is trying to say is that even middle class (of which there are few in Mexico) and wealthy Mexicans would like to trek across their northern border into America.

This new information bodes well for the United States. Mexico has 100+ million people and the poll referenced by Ioan Grillo indicates approximately 50 million of them would like to emigrate to the United States. The United States already has by conservative estimates 11+ million illegal aliens of which approximately 6 million are Mexican nationals. The United States has a president indifferent to the illegal immigration problem, unwilling to secure the country's porous borders, and who believes immigration reform should be predicated upon amnesty and an expansive Guest Worker program. And the United States has a Republican-controlled Congress that is willing to play ball with the president, abetted by liberal Democrats, to achieve just that come the Fall session.

And do understand that the Pew Hispanic Center poll confined its survey to Mexico. There are lots of countries in Central and South America that would register similar results if surveyed. Indeed, the U.S. Border Patrol has seen a marked increase in "OTM" ("other than Mexicans") illegal aliens, which, according to "The Christian Science Monitor," is a new crisis for the United States.

How's your coffee this morning? Mine's bitter. Why?

Roll these facts all up and you have homeland security be damned and the invasion from the south will not only continue, but grow in magnitude and effect.

It's simple physics: when an irresistible force meets a porous border, you have an invasion.

FOLLOW-UP: Here's an editorial in "Investor's Business Daily" that touches on many of the same themes I cover in writing about immigration issues and the homeland security threat posed by our nation's porous borders.

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