Saturday, August 20


I have been diligently writing about our nation's porous borders, runaway illegal immigration, and derelict federal government vis-a-vis immigration law enforcement, and all in the context of EL PLAN de AZTLAN -- a plan on which much of the Mexican government-sponsored invasion of the United States is grounded. Concerned Americans should become conversant in what EL PLAN is all about and its implications. An informed citizenry has always been a staple of American democracy.

That said, I point today to an appropriately hard-hitting post at "VDARE" (a site you should bookmark) which links to "La Voz de Aztlan" (i.e., "The Voice of Aztlan") and this inflammatory piece by Hector Carreon that proudly portrays the complicity of American officials in advancing EL PLAN.

Los Angeles, Alta California - August 15, 2005 - (ACN) At a press conference Friday at the offices of the Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores (Department of State of the Republic of Mexico), four USA elected officials said that they will be asking the Bush Administration to declare "border vigilantism" against Mexican and other immigrants along the US/Mexico border prosecutable and punishable under the federal hate crime laws. The officials said that the violent activities by groups like the Minutemen vigilantes, the KKK, white supremacy militias and other similar groups are totally unacceptable.

County Supervisor of San Bernardino, California Josie Gonzales, the Mayor of Lynwood, California Ramon Rodriguez, Borough President of The Bronx Adolfo Carrion, and Delaware State Representative Joseph E. Miro held the press conference at the offices of the SRE in Mexico City and directed most of their statements at President George W. Bush.

The statement translates as "Bush should openly declare that he is against the Minuteman Project, and more aggressively criminalize their activities, which are motivated by anti-immigrant sentiments that are racist and paranoiac".

I urge you to read the entire VDARE post, including its links. Take the time. You and your family deserve no less. Illegal immigration is not just the cumulative force of individual acts of desperation -- poor people seeking opportunties in a new land -- although that is most assuredly part of the equation. But in the far broader landscape of an egregious, homeland security problem that is unleashing a violent cultural tremor through our land, illegal immigration is about the purposeful reclaiming of territory and is thus a geo-political phenomenon.