Tuesday, August 23


In this comprehensive, five-part series of articles by Jerry Seper of "The Washington Times" and re-published in "The Federal Observer," you will find an exhaustive review of the "Border Wars" to bring you up-to-speed on what most informed, thinking Americans already sense: the United States of America is being invaded by unprecedented numbers of illegal aliens.

An invasion it is -- by every definition of the term.

Indeed, that invasion has become so pronounced and so impactful on Americans -- their property, their livelihoods, their wallets, their education, and their health -- that two border state governors have in recent days declared a "State of Emergency" and a third -- Governor Schwarzenegger of California -- is being pressured to do so.

The invasion is unprecedented -- nothing like it seen by any nation on the planet -- and has thus far been largely unstoppable owing to an indifferent president, a do-nothing Congress, and complicit employers.

Recall my post about Mexican government-funded "staging areas" used as invasion platforms for illegal emigration into the United States? Well, Jerry Seper points to this gauling reality.

I encourage you to read the entire series and then, in turn, to sign this online petition to President Bush demanding that our borders be secured.