Sunday, August 7



Kevin Whited at "" reports in a post published today that House Majority Leader Tom Delay (R-TX) has taken the city of Houston and both its mayor and police chief to task for Houston's Sanctuary City status and their continuing support of it.

This blog has been beating the drum on this provocative topic for some time now and it's encouraging to read that one of the country's top Republican lawmakers sees the policy for what it is -- a bona fide threat to our homeland security!

Now, then, Delay ought to hustle out to Sacramento and have a serious chat with the Republican Governor on the issue of Sanctuary City policies rife in Arnold's Golden State.


To understand the implications of "Sanctuary" policies, here's some suggested homework ...

The following describes the frustration of Houston P.D.'s rank and file over "Sanctuary City" policies and the ramifications of their imposition.

The following provides insights on sanctuary policy and crime and will get you up-to-speed if you haven't come across this term before.

The following is a post by Michelle Malkin putting new York City's sanctuary policy in stark relief.

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