Sunday, August 7


With DNC Chairman Howard Dean doing his rant-thing in San Antonio, Texas this weekend, attempting to beguile Latino voters with unfounded, bombastic charges that Republicans are making "scapegoats" out of immigrants to win elections, and with RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman failing, presumably purposefully, to speak to the issues of border security and immigration reform at the RNC's summer meeting in Pittsburgh, a story buried at the bottom of page A23 of this morning's print edition of the "Houston Chronicle" takes on more ominous proportions.

According to reporter James Pinkerton, filing his story from the newspaper's Mexico City bureau, "The growing gang violence along the Texas-Mexico border highlights a security threat posed by the drug-trafficking cartels, a top Texas police officer said." (My emphasis on "security threat").

Pinkerton continues:

What worries many U.S. law enforcement officials, said Patrick O'Burke, the deputy commander of Public Safety's narcotics service, is that drug smuggling organizations care little about their cargo -- whether its is drugs or people -- as long as it is profitable.

Drug traffickers, he said, would not hesitate to smuggle a terrorist into the U.S. "That's the real danger," he said.
I wish this blog had a much wider readership and that the major, big readership blogs would link to it on occassion, because this buried piece in the "Houston Chronicle" being excerpted by this little read blogger has huge national security implications and Americans, particularly American voters, need to be aware of Patrick O'Burke's chilling warning!

Why? Apart from the obvious, American voters must understand that neither the DNC Chairman nor the RNC Chairman is telling it like it is in terms of the threat posed by our nation's porous borders; nor is either delineating what their respective political parties intend to do beyond simply planning to grant amnesty to illegals already afoot in our land (and they number in the 10 to 20 million range) and to assure a ready, albeit legal (via "Guest Worker" programs), supply of so-called "cheap labor" to American businesses -- labor that when you allocate the huge taxpayer subsidy to it is anything but cheap. Dean, Mehlman, President Bush, and the Congress, plan to hypnotize voters with the allure of easy solutions to complex problems, and without securing our borders in the process. Their indifference is shameful and, in the context of the post-"9/11" times in which we live, unpardonable.

If O'Burke is right, the terrorist threat he speaks to is further underscored by the magnitude of the drug-trafficking into Texas. As O'Burke informs us:

The estimates are that somewhere between 72 to 80 percent of the illegal drugs in the United States come across the Texas-Mexico border.

This blog has reported numerous times in prior posts that the notorious MS-13 gang, largely composed of illegal aliens from El Salvadore, moves (along with illicit drugs) "human cargo" into Texas from Mexico, primarily through the Rio Grande Valley. And I have informed my readers (via links) that MS-13 even targeted Minutemen volunteers along the Arizona-Mexico border, because they do not want their nefarious activities disturbed.

So do you think for a minute, given Mr. O'Burke's law enforcement perspective and MS-13's penchant for violence and lawbreaking, that smuggling terrorists into this country is unlikely? These brutal thugs have no allegiance to the United States of America!

And if you remain unconvinced at this point, may I ask you to read the following, please? That's right: there are drug cartel assassins already operating here in Texas! There's a compelling symmetry between what is already know as fact and what Officer O'Burke is warning us about. It's not rocket science. It's staring us right in the face.

Just understand that Washington either doesn't get it or, as I suspect, gets it, but doesn't want to deal with it properly, for fear of antagoning Latino voters and businesses that illegally employ illegals. So in this regard, a proper national security focus falls on us -- the American voters who see illegal immigration and porous borders as wholesale threats to homeland security. And by the way, a majority of Latino voters recognize the threat and are patriots, too.

President Bush keeps telling us that we've taken the fight to terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan so we don't have to fight terrorists here on American soil. Well, they're already here. They're just being misnamed. Our politicians, our so-called "public servants," are doing us a gross disservice and, in the process, putting each and everyone of us at risk.

POSTSCRIPT: Chris Kelly has written an important post at "The Immigration Blog" that mirrors my concern that the political party in power -- the Republican Party -- is positioning itself to do an end run around the issue of border security and the national security threat that our porous borders pose. Know, too, that the Democratic Party is no better. The two major Parties are one and the same vis-a-vis this threat: on vacation and not coming back anytime soon.