Wednesday, August 10


Can't help myself ... really! One of my "short list" favorite bloggers, "The Anchoress," whose writing craft is enviably well-honed and as lovely as her spirit, became fed up yesterday with the noise level in the blogosphere (perhaps much like shades of this post I wrote on August 6th) and the patent lack of civility among polibloggers, and encouraged her faithful readers to "find silence again" by turning off their computers "for a day or so, maybe two." Much like news anchorman Howard Beale in the movie "Network," who told his viewers to turn off their T.V. sets, so they'd no longer be spoon-fed the media's propaganda (but unlike Howard, in that "The Anchoress" didn't tell us to go to our windows, open them, stick our heads out, and shout at the top of our lungs: I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!), "The Anchoress" importuned us to disengage from the technology of the day and its steel-like grip on our souls, in order to "find silence again" and "to be."

Ah, to be or not to be ... that is the question! Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of too high-pitched a noise level, or to take arms against a sea of virulent posts, and by opposing end them. To die, to sleep, or simply to turn off one's computer? Ah, to turn the damn thing off -- 'tis a consummation devoutly to be wished and by not blogging to end the earaches and thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to.

So to my surprise, when I went into her site this morning, I found a newly published post, signaling that she had irrevocably broken her vow of blogosphere silence, albeit with a post so in keeping with her charitable nature. How can one quibble with her predilection for helping people? I sure can't.

Accordingly, this lone exception to her vow of silence -- her devoutly to be wished hiatus of quietude -- was immediately forgiven. Mind you, I much prefer, selfishly, that she post every day. I'm an inveterate fan, after all, and obviously went into her site this morning, despite her solemn pledge of the day prior, hoping to find a post.

But, after publishing the single post this morning, she seemed determined to keep the PC off and intimated as much to her far-flung fan club.

So, I couldn't help but be taken aback when I found she had "commented" today on this post of mine, clearly proving in the process that she remains at large in the blogosphere, the after-burners of her personal computer still firing, her mouse caught in the unrelenting grip of her passionate penchant for cyberspace and all in it she holds dear.

So there, I tattled. And, as a kid might feel, I'm titillated. After all, who else in the blogosphere today broke both a major story and mucked up William Shakespeare in a single (make that read: singular) post?

FOLLOW-UP: I trust The Anchoress has never given up blogging for Lent, because if her track record of the past 24 hours is indicative of her discipline in giving up something she dearly enjoys, I suspect she'll end up on her knees for hours doing Penance as she prays countless rosaries! All kidding aside, I'm frankly chuckling over her inability to keep to her pledge of yesterday. Reminds me of many failed diets!

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