Saturday, August 13


Four counties in New Mexico -- Dona Ana, Luna, Grant, and Hidalgo -- have been declared to be in a State of Emergency by Governor Bill Richardson owing to the overwhelming impact of an acute illegal immigration problem comprising both human smuggling and illicite drug trade. According to this CNN news story, New Mexico's democratic governor is quoted as saying: The situation is out of hand.

The question becomes twofold in the mind of this blogger: 1) will Governor Richardson's declaration ratchet up the porous borders/immigration reform issues in such a way as to embarrass an indifferent Bush Administration that has long ignored these problems; and, 2) is this an indication of things to come from the democratic governor of a southwestern border state, who happens to be Hispanic and is thought by many to be a strong candidate for the Democratic Party's 2008 presidential nomination?

Richardson has drawn a line in the dirt in declaring the State of Emergency and in citing the total inaction and lack of resources from the federal government and Congress in assisting his state in dealing with the deleterious effects of runaway illegal immigration and rampant drug-running.

This ought to be an embarrassment to President Bush and, in a manner of speaking, a declaration of war between the nation's states that share a contiguous border with Mexico and the federal government.

And, although unlikely, since it has proven unable to deal with the violence and mayhem in Nuevo Laredo, it ought to be a wake-up call for the corrupt, ineffectual administration of Presidente Vicente Fox of Mexico, that in point of fact has been encouraging the illegal emigration of its citizens to the United States.

As Governor Richardson declared: As governor, I have to protect the people I represent. This action, I believe, had to be taken.

FOLLOW-UP: In the "Doesn't This Take All" department, read the following on Mexico's reaction (courtesy of "Free Republic")to Governor Richardson's declaration.