Tuesday, August 30


I've asked previously. Now I'll ask again: where are the foreign countries and international charitable organizations with their volunteers, pledges of financial aid, foodtsuffs, and hard assets to help the United States and its Gulf Coast victims of our own catastrophic tsunami equivalent -- Hurricane Katrina? Are cargo planes and steamships en route?

Which countries and foreign-based relief organizations have stepped up to lend a hand now that the United States of America and its citizens -- the most charitable people on the planet -- are in need?

Remember this or this or this?

President Bush appointed former presidents George Bush ('41) and Bill Clinton to lead a huge fund-raising drive here in America to assist the international fund-raising efforts on behalf of the Asian Tsunami victims -- a drive that was hugely successful.

Will foreign dignitaries step up to lead a similar massive relief effort on our behalf?

I haven't seen a press release yet from the United Nations' Information Center on the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

But, I do recall this from a U.N. official. Where's Kofi Annan?

How about our neighbors, Canada and Mexico? What can we expect from them besides illegal border-crossers? Will we see Canada's Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) in the Gulf Coast?

I'm not being entirely rhetorical, although I admit some of my questions contain implicit sarcasm. But if readers of this blog can point me to hard information of such noble efforts that my repeated Google searches have yet to turn up, then kindly inform me and I'll willingly post the information here.

POSTSCRIPT: I'm watching/listening to CNN Cable News and hearing a number of accounts and favorable comments on FEMA's coordination of massive disaster relief efforts. And I just read this informative post of Frank Laughter's that enumerates the federal government's response thus far. But with New Orleans filling with water from broken levees and horrific scenes of Katrina's devastation, I must say the following, and at the risk of redundancy: The United States of America -- its federal, state, and local governments, its military, its emergency responders, its volunteer organizations, its churches and charities, even its businesses -- will go anywhere at anytime for anyone at nearly any cost when catastrophic natural disasters strike and peoples of the world need our help. Where are they now for us -- our allies, our neighbors in the hemisphere, international relief organizations, the countries of Europe and Asia we've helped rebuild, the United Nations ...? If in the days, and weeks, and months ahead they are no-shows, we must never forget. Ever!