Wednesday, August 24


This report by Washington Post staff writer Darryl Fears and this one from New York Times' writer Eric Lipton (both linked at the "Drudge Report") on Department of Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff's claims that his department (and presumably the Bush Administration) is finally sensing the public's frustration, the magnitude of the illegal alien problem, and intends on doing something significant, do not amplify what Matt Drudge claimed was a "developing story" yesterday afternoon when he headlined it.

I sense more it's a CYA mission in response to the hypocritical flame-throwing of two former open borders' stalwarts: Governor Richardson of New Mexico and Governor Napolitano of Arizona. The governors stoked the political fires and siezed the high ground by declaring a "State of Emergency" in their respective states and now DHS feels compelled to appear responsive. What would have been a "developing story" for me is if the Bush Administration was rethinking "amnesty," seriously considering placing troops on our borders, and was about to take strong punitive (rather than diplomatic) measures against the corrupt government of Mexico. Anything less than that is just blue smoke and mirrors.

As I said yesterday: Don't hold your breath!