Sunday, August 28


The eggs won't taste quite as savory, the coffee smell as good as it should, or the sunrise glisten as sublimely across the lake this morning, as it normally does: the New York Times' Frank Rich has slandered me as being intellectually bankrupt.

Rich has come out swinging like a drunken sailor in this morning's edition (registration required) and he spares hardly anyone, from we "die-hard cheerleaders" of the war in Iraq to the Democratic Party that, in Frank Rich's estimation, has "no standing in the debate," to the "reckless" George W. Bush, and on even to that nervy, self-styled centrist herself, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who Rich burnishes as irrelevant owing to her preoccupation with children's violent video games, rather than a violent Iraqi insurgency.

Seems Rich is quite opposed to the war in Iraq, is duty bound as an MSM leftist to limn it another Vietnam, and is convinced that if he can just coldcock enough people in his column that all of the insufferable idiots on the right and left sides of the debate will come to their senses.

Is this columnist's sarcasm never spent? I think not. That's how he makes his living.

This paragraph stood out:

The Democrats are hoping that if they do nothing, they might inherit the earth as the Bush administration goes down the tubes. Whatever the dubious merits of this Kerryesque course as a political strategy, as a moral strategy it's unpatriotic. The earth may not be worth inheriting if Iraq continues to sabotage America's ability to take on Iran and North Korea, let alone Al Qaeda.

Come on, Frank. If we took on Iran or North Korea, your keyboard would short-circuit, and your vitriol would run three quarts low. Who are you trying to kid? And what's this reference to "America's ability?" Thought guys like you wanted the U.N. and the international community of nations to do the heavy lifting? Iraq isn't sabotaging America's ability to defeat Islamic terrorists. It's guys like you who live in knee-jerk opposition to most anything and everything, and offer no alternative solutions to defeating those committed to doing us harm, let alone the support necessary to see America and its brave troops through their chosen course of action.