Sunday, August 14


This piece by Amanda Keim of the Associated Press (AP), published in this morning's "Houston Chronicle" (registration required), juxtaposes the crimes American citizens and property owners along the U.S.-Mexico border must routinely endure with the muddle-headed thinking of apologists of illegal immigration, who characterize tresspass, robbery, and vandalism as merely "acts of desperation."

And if that bone-headed comment were not enough, chew on this one referencing a break-in cited in Keim's article:

But the Rev. Robin Hoover, head of the humanitarian group Humane Borders, called the break-in a "big irony," considering the congressman's work on border issues. Hoover said, however, that burglaries aren't a huge border issue.

"Considering there's 1.2 million attempts (to cross the border) made every year, it's a relatively minor problem," he said.

Well, Reverand Hoover, I beg to differ and I trust most of my blog's readers will as well. Indeed, my readers may remember this post or, even more germane, this post.

Property owners along the contiguous border with Mexico have the same rights to own private property and to have their homes, property, and persons protected, as do all Americans living anywhere in the country. Regrettably, President George Bush doesn't see it that way and when he purchased ranch property in Texas, he made damn sure it was hundreds of miles north of the border.

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