Friday, August 19


I swear I had no intention of posting today on Cindy Sheehan's machinations and convoluted mind. I published a post last evening, as I continue to reflect on her public remonstrations in Crawford, Texas; but, that was to be it. Besides, I had read that her mother had suffered a stroke and that Mrs. Sheehan was leaving Crawford to be with her in southern California, so I thought there might be a welcome, much-needed hiatus from the volcanic lava flow of left-wing rhetoric spewing out of Camp Casey. Indeed, it is Friday and in a previous post I commented that my writing today would be inclined towards the light-hearted.

But then I read this at Matt Drudge's site and became unnerved anew.

Cindy Sheehan, in yet another public statement, is now requesting privacy so she can attend to her mother in Los Angeles! But in the same breath she reiterates that the President of the United States "is not off the hook" and that she will soon be returning to the site of the siege near his Crawford, Texas, ranch. It matters not that the president's working vacation is being disturbed and that there's no hiatus for him from the fishbowl existence that is life in the White House. How many of those flanking Cindy Sheehan would want a cacophonous, three-ring circus operating 24/7 curbside in front of their private residences?

The woman is really full of herself.

Well, she's worked very hard of late, and with ample support from left-of-Left organizations, to become a "public figure." So, while she may have fled the kitchen, she must understand that the heat will follow. That's life in the fast lane, Lady.

Mrs. Sheehan cannot have it both ways, anymore than she allows the president a moment of undisturbed privacy while he deals with matters of state or trys to enjoy quiet moments with his wife and friends. The woman has even assailed the president's daughters. Her audacity, rudeness, and incivility know no bounds.

If she were a sensitive woman, than I would encourage sensitivity towards her. But flying to be at her mother's side, while continuing to issue public statements and promising to return "very soon" to her tent city in Crawford, is just plain nervy and untoward. Besides, the family has already gone on record as opposing her public protestations over the war and her ascerbic denunciations of President Bush. Maybe her mother was under tremendous stress owing to her daughter's antics.

I've flown to be at my mother's side through three strokes she has suffered over the past fifteen years. I've seen the devastating effects of these strokes firsthand and how my mother's life, and that of my father, who had to retire prematurely to become her caregiver, changed irrevocably. Given that experience, I wish Mrs. Sheehan's mother well and as complete a recovery as possible. I have an understanding of what all this means, now and in the future, for Mrs. Sheehan's mother and the family members. A stroke impacts the entire family, as does any serious health issue striking a loved one.

But, cut us all some slack, Cindy, and including the president. Interesting how you insist that your sorrows over your son's death in combat and now your mother's health crisis must form some integument to insulate you from anything other than empathy and favorable public notice; but you have no regard for your mean-spirited impact on others, the president included, as if the "enemy" in your mind has no right to human understanding or a moment's peace. You just want it all your way.

Give the president some much-deserved slack and well-earned privacy from you and your cohorts!