Thursday, August 11


I haven't been posting on the subject of the "Gathered Storm" at the Crawford, Texas ranch of president and Mrs. Bush, because so many of the bloggers I regularly read are doing a good job of it, to which I cannot add; and, besides, I've been hearing about the raucous protest each night on Bill O'Reilly's show and while it's her right, I think she's been disingenuous in her 180 degree turn in attacking the president.

Mrs. Sheehan was to have appeared last night on "The Factor," but failed to show up for her guest appearance with Bill O'Reilly. Needless to say, the MSM is having a field day reporting her protest and the extreme Left is pushing both Mrs. Sheehan and its over-heated, anti-Bush agenda hard in the blistering Texas sun.

I must say that I agree wholeheartedly with The Anchoress' son, Buster, who is characterized in his mother's post as having made the following observation on Sheehan's political posturing:

My son Buster says he does not understand my concerns for Mrs. Sheehan, that she is being used and exploited. “Mom, she likes it,” he said last night. “When she met with the president the first time, she got into the papers with it - how many people meet him and parlay it into a news story? Now she’s in the papers again, people are paying attention to her, she has people petting her and telling her she is a hero. She loves this. She loves it more than she loves her husband, who separated from her because of what she is doing. She might be grieving, as you say, but she’s exploiting her own grief and willingly allowing others to exploit her, too. It’s like an orgy.”

FOLLOW-UP: Michelle Malkin weighs in today with comments and links galore on how the Left, particularly its extremist factions, are fanning the raging fires of protest outside of the Crawford ranch; and, further, how the MSM is along for the ride, rather than digging into why Mrs. Sheehan has done an about face. Between the Anchoress' post and Michelle's, you'll get a pretty good flavor of the real story at work in Crawford!