Saturday, August 20


I'm a faithful reader of Betsy Newmark and I should add that as popular a blogger and as busy an educator as she is, she has been generous enough to link to ACSOL a half-dozen times or so and encourage this first-year blogger in private emails as well, of which I have been most grateful.

That said, I'm particularly gratified to see today that SCOTUS' assault on private property rights of American citizens is the subject of her strong indignation. Good for you, Betsy!

I'm of a like mind, as regular readers of this blog well know.

Meanwhile, another of my favorites, "The Anchoress," provides this heads-up that Betsy Newmark is presently guest blogging for esteemed blogger-journalist Michelle Malkin. Talk about a prestigious assignment! Way to go, Betsy! And Lorie Bryd, another great lady and excellent writer, who has both her own blog and writes regularly at "Polipundit," gets the hand-off from Betsy tomorrow evening.

With Betsy and Lorie in the gun turret, Michelle's blog will not miss a beat (or a target, I should say, to make the metaphor work!).