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The Pro-Choice lobbyists, who well know that the vast majority of abortions are a matter of a woman's convenience, rather than an issue of her health, nonetheless do their level best to cast all abortions in the context of a woman's right to ensure her reproductive health. Now there's a euphemism for you.

Legions of examples abound that point to anything but a concern for the mother-to-be's health. It's more that a woman has become pregnant, has determined she does not want the baby, and off she goes to an abortion mill to have her pre-born's life snuffed out courtesy of the United States Supreme Court. The numbers of incest or rape-related pregnancies or problematic pregnancies owing to a mother's health are few compared to the overwhelmingly numbing numbers that point to caprice grounded in plain selfishness or calculated misinformation.

Ours, to be sure, is an abortion culture born of convenience, self-absorption, and a patent disregard for the rights of the fetus and the sanctity of life. The Pro-Choice crowd can spin all they want, but nihilists they are and their Judgement Day will come.

So when you read a poignant story like the following about a mother's ineffable love and courage, it really serves to put the motives of the Pro-Choice industry in stark relief and its cleverly crafted propaganda in chilling perspective.

God bless Susan Torres and God keep her soul. God bless the father, Jason Torres, and his tiny newborn daughter, Susan Anne Catherine Torres. And may the life born of his wife's courage and God's blessings comfort Jason in his loss of a thoroughly selfless and altogether remarkable woman -- the mother of his children.

FOLLOW-UP: Michelle Malkin posts that Susan Torres was removed from life support and has died. God rest her soul. What a woman; what a mother; what a story.

SOURCE: Associated Press (AP)
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