Sunday, August 28


One of the Roman Catholic Church's "Masses For Various Needs" is the "Procession For Averting Tempest."

It seems appropriate to post a prayer recited during that Mass before retiring this evening given what the city of New Orleans and its people face before daybreak -- they and the hundreds of thousands of people in harm's way along the Gulf Coast and inland along Hurricane Katrina's predicted path. One feels so helpless in watching the newscasts and in reading the accounts of Katrina's fury and the likely devastation and death it may bring.

Almighty and ever living God, spare us in our anxiety and take pity on us in our abasement, so that after the lightening in the skies and the force of the storm have calmed, even the very threat of the tempest may be an occasion for us to offer You praise. Lord Jesus, Who uttered a word of command to the raging tempest of wind and sea and there came a great calm: hear the prayers of Your family.

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