Wednesday, August 10


New York's Westchester County district attorney, Jeanine F. Pirro, who recently announced she'll seek Hillary Cinton's (D-NY) U.S. Senate seat as a Republican Party challenger, has announced, according to the "New York Times" (registration required) in an article written by Patrick D. Healy, that she opposes partial-birth abortion except in instances where the mother's life is at risk. Because this may be viewed as a 180 degree turn for Pirro, the Pro-Choice crowd is apoplectic. Indeed, according to the NYT, Robert Jaffe, deputy director of NARAL Pro-Choice New York, is stunned.

Hillary Clinton has long supported partial-birth abortion in instances where the mother's health is at risk, which is tantamount to supporting the grissly procedure in most instances. Her political tacking to the center in recent months notwithstanding, Hillary's support for abortion and a woman's right to choose has only been modified by her professed desire that the sheer number of abortions be reduced. In other words, Hillary continues to play it safe, opting not to take a moral stand on the endless slaughter of preborns in this country.

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