Tuesday, August 30


Ah, don't you love politics and the propensity of politicians to look you straight in the eye and try to disarm you with patent baloney?

I love our president (I truly admire him in many ways) and voted for him twice, but this is one center-right (sometimes right-of-center) Republican blogger who isn't buying George W. Bush's sudden epiphany (trust me: don't hold your breath) or disingenuous claim that he fully understands that "we have an obligation to enforce the borders." He's done anything but.

He's late to the game, not because he subscribes to that statement professing a commitment to border security, but because two late-to-the-game politicians in their own right -- Governors Richardson and Napolitano of New Mexico and Arizona, respectively -- have suddenly beat him to the punch in declaring states of emergency and there's nothing worse than being embarrassed politically by two prominent democrats who were as much apologists for open borders, as has been the president. Indeed, don't discount their hypocrisy.

But the noise level has increased markedly of late on border security issues and the ol' melting pot is about to boil over if President Bush and the Congress don't do something (and I'm not talking about amnesty for illegals). Bush is battling a three-front war right now -- Iraq, Illegal Immigration, and Gasoline Prices -- and these thorny issues in aggregate are beginning to overwhelm his presidency.

Interesting that he's now talking in terms of more U.S. Border Patrol agents when he's had the appropriations to do so, but has purposefully dragged his feet in gearing that manpower up adequately. The result of that bullheadedness: an unprecedented number of assaults on those agents. And American property owners along the border haven't fared much better.

The president has been derelect in his duty to do what it is he says he understands: his obligation as this country's Chief Law Enforcement Officer "to enforce the borders." The evidence is clear of that dereliction of duty: 11+ million illegals already in the country and 10,000/day breeching our borders!

SOURCE: The "Houston Chronicle" (registration required)