Thursday, August 11


You'll find Power Line News -- a new, news-packed site -- in my sidebar under the heading: "Wake Up Call."

I encourage you to check it out, as I have. I suspect I'll become a regular reader.

Here's the announcement I found for it on "The Blogometer":

Power Line's John Hinderaker announces: "There are lots of places to go for breaking news, but until now, to our knowledge, there hasn't been a place where you could go for the latest wire service stories, web-based commentary, and other news sources. So we created one": Power Line News, which is "intended to be the ultimate resource for news junkies. You can check out breaking news stories, see how the stock market is doing, and pick up the latest in blog-based political commentary via RSS feeds from top political sites."

Power Line News features a world map underneath the title banner; when one rolls the mouse over continents/regions/major countries a pop-up window displays links to major papers from that area. Below are 2 columns -- the left is devoted to an AP newswire, features RSS feeds for Power Line, Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt, PoliPundit and Captain's Quarters.

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