Tuesday, August 30


Here's a handful of posts that will rev you up more than a 12-cup pot of fresh-ground Starbucks. Fasten your seat belts!

Frank Laughter of "Common Sense Junction" applauds one of his (and mine as well) favorites -- the brilliant columnist Mark Steyn -- and, in doing so, dissects the "9/11" Commission and rightly declares its report as full of crap. Frank never minces words and that's his charm. He doesn't diddle, but cuts right to the chase.

La Shawn Barber mirrors my disdain for the white elephant bureaucracy President Bush ushered in post/"9/11" to save us from terrorists -- the Department of Homeland Security (an agency which undoubtedly, given this nation's porous borders and the Feds' patent indifference to 11+ million illegal aliens afoot in our land and 10,000 more breeching our borders every day, has to be the biggest misnomer ever foisted upon the American people). La Shawn's writing is the antithesis of political-correctness and therein lies her infinite appeal. By the way, and as with me, she's not holding her breath that the DHS's belated epiphany is going to result in anything substantive, as Bush wants amnesty for the lawbreakers, pure and simple.

Carl at "No Oil For Pacifists" delivers this knock-out punch to the ill-advised Bush strategy of placating and nurturing the Palestinians, with their rich tradition of terrorism, while invidiously violating our ally Israel and its Jewish citizens living in Gaza (past tense now) and portions of the West Bank. Bush is doing for what should be the persona non grata of the Middle East (i.e., Yasser Arafat's colony of thugs) what he's been doing for millions of lawbreakers pouring into this country from Mexico -- acceding to their geopolitical wishes and conferring amnesty. Nice job, Carl.

"Stop The ACLU" (a hard-hitting blog now listed in my site's blogroll) reveals the sinister alliance forming between the ACLU and CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) and asks: When will America wake up from this politically correct nightmare? Terming the linkage between the two organizations a "deadly combo," Jay points to "the Trojan horses ... marching disguised in patriotic camo ..." and describes the ACLU and CAIR as "two of the most dangerous organizations in America." You need to get up-to-speed on this nefarious commingling of left-of-Left agendas.

ACE echoes Frank Laughter in his disgust of the shallow work and purposefully distorted conclusions of the "9/11" Commission and pulls no punches (would he be ACE if he ever did otherwise?) in stating that the "9/11" Commission "suppressed evidence of links between al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein." To aver otherwise, says ACE, is to lie.

Good reading!