Saturday, August 27


This post of Richard's at "Hyscience" will not give any of the Jews forced to leave their homes in Gaza any comfort, nor those who are likely to be evicted by their own government from their West Bank residences. I concur with Richard's assessment and that of Felicia Benamon in this column for "The Conservative Voice."

If my readers will allow a movie analogy, Michael Corleone had it right in "Godfather I" when he prevailed in making the case to the family that Sollozzo, the drug kingpin, had to be taken out, because, as Michael correctly foresaw, Sollozzo wanted Don Vito Corleone dead and wouldn't be satisfied until that was accomplished. "It's a key for him," observed Michael.

Well, sadly, that's what the Palestinians are all about --taking out Israel is a key for them. And no amount of political accomodations will satisfy them.


Charles Krauthammer, in a column carried in today's edition of the "Houston Chronicle" (registration required), concludes with this trenchant observation:

What is at stake is whether the world, led by the United States, will demand Arab acceptance of that single Jewish state, or whether the United States will continue to push Israel from one concession to another until one day another arch is erected, this time in Jerusalem itself, commemorating the destruction of history's third and last Jewish commonwealth.