Tuesday, August 2


The good news:

The "Houston Chronicle" (registration required), in a story by Edward Hegstrom, points to a major roundup of "582 immigrant street gang members" in July by Federal agents, with most captured in the sweep destined for deportation.

Some of those captured during the ongoing "Operation Community Shield" are expected to be charged with violent crimes. But the majority are illegal immigrants who will be prepared for deportation to Central America and Mexico.

"For too long, these gangs have gone unchecked, flouting our laws and demonstrating a blatant disregard for public safety," Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said at a news conference in Washington Monday.

The bad news:

Even where immigration officials successfully nab and deport criminal aliens, the reality, says a former federal gang prosecutor, is that “they all come back. They can’t make it in Mexico.” The tens of thousands of illegal farmworkers and dishwashers who overpower U.S. border controls every year carry in their wake thousands of brutal assailants and terrorists who use the same smuggling industry and who benefit from the same irresistible odds: there are so many more of them than the Border Patrol.

For, of course, the government’s inability to keep out criminal aliens is part and parcel of its inability to patrol the border, period. For decades, the INS had as much effect on the migration of millions of illegals as a can tied to the tail of a tiger. And the immigrants themselves, despite the press cliché of hapless aliens living fearfully in the shadows, seemed to regard immigration authorities with all the concern of an elephant for a flea.
Even in the Chronicle's story on the success of "Operation Community Shield" the following was noted:

Of the 14 presumed gang members captured in Houston and South Texas since the operation began, three had been previously deported.

So long as the borders remain porous, we can round them up, ship them out, and back they'll come. The notorious gang, MS-13, largely comprised of illegal alien thugs from El Salvadore, engages actively in human smuggling operations through Texas' Rio Grande Valley. Deport a member of "Mara Salvatrucha" and the gang will simply smuggle him back into the States.


"Houston Chronicle" and "Warriors For Truth"

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