Tuesday, August 9


Scroll down a bit as you pull up this post of Frank Laughter's at his excellent blog "Common Sense Junction" -- down to the sub-heading, "II. Nothing to see here."

Frank quotes from a Mark Steyn piece (and do know that Mark is a Canadian journalist) on the irrelevance of Canada.

Our erstwhile ally (quite a misnomer) and Number #1 customer for American imports continues down the forlorn road of European-style secularism and head-in-the-sand Liberalism "... irrelevant to the great questions facing the world," as Steyn observes.

Indeed, Canada's national anthem ought to begin: Oh, oh, Canada, ...

FOLLOW-UP: This posted at the "Drudge Report" suggests a growing disenchantment in the Western provinces for Canada's distinctly Liberal bent.

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