Saturday, August 20


There's a story in this morning's edition of the "Houston Chronicle" (registration required) that one must read through to the last paragraph to get a flavor of how this "Sanctuary City" intends to deal with the Minutemen when they begin observing illegal immigrant day laborers in October.

Houston police are aware that some of the Minutemen will be armed, and officers will make sure that all laws are obeyed, said Lt. Robert Manzo, an HPD spokesman.

If a Minuteman volunteer is appropriately licensed to carry a concealed weapon under federal and state law and is, in fact, carrying a concealed weapon while participating in the Minutemen campaign in Houston in October, then why should such individuals be rousted by police officers to ensure that they are duly licensed? And if a reference to "rousting" is a presumption on my part, then kindly explain just how Lt. Robert Manzo and the Houston Police Department intend to ensure that Minutemen carrying concealed weapons are duly licensed? The "Houston Chronicle" conveniently neglected to cover that point.

Understand this: in a "Sanctuary City" such as Houston, police officers cannot stop a suspected illegal immigrant and ask to see personal identification and immigration documentation. That is strictly against the law. Only federal authorities can do that. Accordingly, America's fourth largest city is overrun with illegal immigrants and their informal day labor staging areas present a real problem for its citizens and particularly its legitimate businessmen.

And know this too: as "" reported, the Houston Police Department capitulated in its original plans to do precisely what the Minutemen plan to do now! And isn't that what the "Minuteman Project" is really all about -- volunteer citizens and patriots stepping in to do what federal, state, and local governments fail or refuse to do vis-a-vis this country's out-of-control illegal immigrant problem?

Fanning fears about armed Minutemen is just a diversionary tactic of open borders' apologists and left-wing Latino activist groups. It's a red herring.

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