Saturday, August 27


Steve Sailer's current post at the "VDARE" blog is a must-read in understanding how keen open borders' apologists think and propagandize through purposeful deceipt. The New York Times' avowed Bush-baiting columnist Paul Krugman comes under the scalpel of Mr. Sailer's deft post-mortem of several of Krugman's columns on immigration and the corpus is ready for burial by the time Steve Sailer puts a period at the end of his final sentence.

It'd be gratifying if more Americans read blogs and more devoted themselves to the crisis of illegal immigration and the utter lunacy of porous borders in a post-"9/11" world. Whether you're already convinced that 11+ million illegals afoot in our land and 10,000 breeching our borders every day constitutes a lethal threat to homeland security and a devastating renting of this country's social fabric, or you're still on the fence and need more convincing, do read Sailer's post in its entirety. It puts to rest the absurd notion that illegals are necessary to do the work that Americans refuse to do and that the quantum growth in this country's Hispanic/Latino population, owing to illegal immigration, is an irrefutable economic boon.

Krugman, of course, chooses to lump illegal immigrants in with legal immigrants, as if they're one and the same. Any immigrant is a good immigrant from Krugman's convoluted point of view and the economic impact is inevitably salutary. Sailer lets the air out of Krugman's balloon and its inflated optimism, and reveals the "smug, anti-rationality" of his arguments for what they mostly are -- "sentimental cant."

Do read the post. It's excellent.