Saturday, August 20


SCOTUS' nominee John Roberts, while he was a White House lawyer in the Reagan Administration, wrote the following about then popular pop star Michael Jackson, who was being considered for an award for his efforts against drunk driving:

If one wants the youth of America and the world sashaying around in garish sequined costumes, hair dripping with pomade, body shot full of female hormones to prevent voice change, mono-gloved, well, then, I suppose 'Michael,' as he is affectionately known in the trade, is in fact a good example. Quite apart from the problem of appearing to endorse Jackson's androgynous life style, a Presidential award would be perceived as a shallow effort by the President to share in the constant publicity surrounding Jackson. . . . The whole episode would, in my view, be demeaning to the President.
What's not to like about John Roberts?

SOURCE: Matt Drudge