Thursday, August 4


Crazy, isn't it, how the mainstream media and the Democratic Party are cracking their knuckles and foaming at the mouth over President Bush's 5-week "vacation" at his Crawford, Texas ranch, unwilling to acknowledge that it is, to be sure, a "working vacation" and no president is ever able to take a bona fide hiatus from the grind of overseeing the most powerful nation on the planet. At best the president can only enjoy a change of venue away from the fishbowl existence that is the White House.

Jonathan at "GOP Bloggers" captures the hysteria well -- the hysteria that Bush '43 is somehow goofing off, enjoying downtime that few Americans will ever experience, and neglecting the work of the country.

As Jonathan wryly opines:

No surprise that the Washington press corps, which disdains middle America as flyover country and views trips outside the Beltway as foreign travel, sniff at the President's plans. The way politicians spend money and interfere in our lives, we'd be better off if they all took much more vacation anyway.

What I would ask is this: which would you rather have, Bush working out of his Crawford ranch or Jimmy Carter working out of the Oval Office?

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