Saturday, August 6


Mithras at "Fables of Reconstruction" ran this mean-spirited broadside back on August 1st entitled: "Conservative Blog Taxonomy." If you question my use of "mean-spirited" than I suggest you take a look at what he had to say about Michelle Malkin. I read it when it was first published and just shook my head and dismissed it for what it was.

Michelle chose to remain above the fray this week and keep her powder dry, but then yesterday Rick Moran at "Rightwing Nuthouse" opted to return fire and Michelle, in turn, links to it today without any mention of the nasty hatchet job Mithras had done on her, or any editorial comments with respect to whether or not the notion that "turnaround is fair play" was appropriate in this instance. Why dignify Mithras' hatchet job with another hatchet job?

Not sure what the Mithras-Moran duel has accomplished other than to exacerbate a polarization among polibloggers that mirrors national and regional politics today. The poison pen isn't mightier than the sword; it has become the sword -- the weapon of choice.

POSTCRIPT: Betsy Newmark is of a similar mind on this blog-battle.

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