Monday, August 1


The "Washington Times" reports stunning information in this morning's edition that elements of Mexico's elite anti-drug commando unit have deserted the military and fallen in with Mexican drug traffickers. The deserters, known as Zetas, are operating out of Nuevo Laredo -- a violence-plagued border town rife with lawlessness just across from Laredo, Texas -- and as many as ten (10) of them are said to be operating within Texas as for-hire drug cartel assassins.

"WT" reports:

In March, the Justice Department said the Zetas were involved "in multiple assaults and are believed to have hired criminal gangs" in the Dallas area for contract killings. The department said the organization was spreading from Texas to California and Florida and was establishing drug-trafficking routes it was willing to protect "at any cost."

Just last month, the department issued a new warning to law-enforcement authorities in Arizona and California, urging them to be on the lookout for Zeta members. An intelligence bulletin said a search for new drug-smuggling routes in the two states by the organization could bring new violence to the areas.

The number of assaults on U.S. Border Patrol agents along the 260 miles of U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona known as the Tucson sector has increased dramatically this year, including a May 30 shooting near Nogales, Ariz., in which two agents were seriously wounded during an ambush a mile north of the border.

Their assailants were dressed in black commando-type clothing, used high-powered weapons and hand-held radios to point out the agents' location, and withdrew from the area using military-style cover and concealment tactics to escape back into Mexico.

Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada in Nogales said his investigators found commando clothing, food, water and other "sophisticated equipment" at the ambush site.
The U.S. Border Patrol is under-funded and under-manned thanks to the Bush Administration's patent indifference to our country's porous borders and this kind of reckless disregard for the protection of U.S. citizens and property must come to the fore and be made widely known to Americans across the entire country.

If Mexican commandos operating as hit men in Texas is not the catalyst at long last for the Bush Administration to move troops to the border, I don't know what is. It is the responsibility of American citizens to express outrage over this and to let the president and their elected representatives in Washington know that this sort of thing will not be tolerated by the voters of this country.

This is a story that must gain legs in the blogosphere!

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