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In a recent post I wrote:

Mexico is the conduit for thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants pouring into this country. And not just Mexican nationals enter our country illegally. So do "OTMs" -- so-called "other than Mexicans." Do your research or read this blog regularly. Brazillians, Chinese, and, yes, even Middle Easterners. There are Mexican border towns whose economic lifeblood is in providing staging areas for human smugglers to hook up with those wanting to be smuggled, and in selling provisions to both. And, be assured, the human smugglers don't care if they traffic in fruit-pickers, criminals on the run, or would be terrorists. Come one, come all. Makes no difference to them, as they're breaking the law anyway.

But Cindy Sheehan's son fought and gave up his life in part for 11+ million illegal aliens (and with millions more to come) and for a Commander-In-Chief who cannot secure Iraq's borders and refuses stubbornly to secure our own. The American military shouldn't be fighting for illegal aliens who come from countries, among them Mexico -- countries which refuse to ally with the United States and other western democracies in defeating terrorists and terrorism. Die for the United States; die for its allies; but don't die for lawbreakers and a country, Mexico, which publishes "How-To" pamphlets on how to get into America illegally and shirks its international responsibilities.

Now comes this corroborative piece by Jerry Seper of "The Washington Times," entitled: "Mexico funds staging areas for illegals."

Mr. Seper writes:

The Mexican staging area for illegal aliens that New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson demanded this week be bulldozed is among hundreds of similar sites along the border sponsored and maintained by the Mexican government.
Many of the sites are marked with blue flags and pennants to signal that water is available. Others, such as the Las Chepas site that Mr. Richardson denounced, are a collection of old, mostly abandoned buildings or ranch houses where illegals gather for water and other supplies -- sometimes bartering with smugglers, or "coyotes," for passage north.

A branch of Mexico's National Migration Institute, Grupo Beta also helped pass out fliers warning migrants that the Minuteman volunteers, whom they described as "armed vigilantes," were waiting across the border to hurt them.

In addition to the aid stations, the Mexican government has distributed more than a million copies of a 32-page handbook advising migrants how to cross into the United States. The book, known as "Guia del Migrante Mexicano," or "Guide for the Mexican Migrant," contains tips on avoiding apprehension by U.S. authorities.

If you continue to think El Plan de Aztlan is a fiction and just the product of the over-wrought imaginations of conservatives, think again. We're being invaded and that invasion is purposeful and not just the product of desperate people seeking a better life in the United States, as left-wing Latino activist groups and open-borders' apologists would have you believe.

As Frosty Wooldridge writes: "Mexico feels our four border states were stolen by the United States. They maintain a long-term plan for reconquering 'their' land. It's called 'ElPlan de Aztlan.'"

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