Saturday, August 13


If you think illegal immigration and its ravaging financial and cultural impact are confined to southcentral and southwestern border states, think again. This "Christian Science Monitor" piece makes the case, in the context of a local area crackdown on illegal immigrants in Caldwell, Idaho, of all places, for this telling conclusion:

As the border continues to be punctured by illicit crossings, and as immigrants spread to places unaccustomed to or prepared for the influx, a local backlash is building.

But the attempted crackdowns also reveal a larger rift -- one that separates much of Main Street America from the nation's policymaking elite. At a time when Congress is considering guest-worker programs to legalize more undocumented workers, polls show most Americans want to see illegal immigration curbed.
How about you? How about signing this online petition and join a growing chorus of Americans who recognize what the president and Washington do not: namely, that our country is being invaded, our coffers are being drained, our healthcare and educational systems enervated, and our homeland security put at terrible risk, by porous borders and virtually unfettered entry into this country from the south. And amnesty, as the president, John McCain (RINO-AZ) and Ted Kennedy (D-MA) propose, would only exacerbate an already debilitating problem.

Stand up and be counted.

FOLLOW-UP: If you're still reluctant to sign the online petition, may I at least encourage you to read completely this important, insightful post from the "VDARE" blog on what President Bush intends to do vis-a-vis so-called immigration reform when Congress is back in session? It's appalling!